RICH1My name is Laura Richie, and I’m a wife; mom to 3 young kids; and a registered nurse.  I’ll be blogging several times a month, primarily about my family and faith.  I’m also in the process of publishing a book for families called The Advent Storybook!  Matt and I are working on all of our book projects together.

I grew up in church, but I never truly grasped my need for God.  I tried to be good and love Him and love other people, but I always ended up failing.  Then, a couple of years ago, I finally understood how desperately I need a Rescuer.  And once I connected my need to be rescued with the fact that He did come to rescue me, I was overwhelmed with His incredible beauty and grace.  I finally understood that Jesus came to make both people and the world good and new again, like they were in the beginning.  And I finally loved Him!  This is what I wrote at that time.  It really shows my heart behind this blog and all of the books I’ve written and plan to write.

Feel free to ask questions!


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