Advent Storybook Illustration Progress!

TheAdventStorybook_WidescreenThe first 3 illustrations for The Advent Storybook are finished!  And they’re incredible!  Ian Dale did a fantastic job.

TheAdventStorybook_Day2_Preview2 (1)

This first one goes with the story entitled “A Perfect Life” from Genesis 2-3.  In the beginning, God made every thing good!  The first man and woman enjoyed a perfect life completely free of evil, suffering, or death.

TheAdventStorybook_Day3_Preview2 (2)

But an evil serpent crept into their Garden, whispering lies.  They believed his lies and defied their good Creator–and then everything shattered.  Evil entered both people and the world.  But God spoke a promise: One day, a Son would come to crush the head of the lying serpent and end evil forever.

TheAdventStorybook_Day25_Preview (2)

Through the centuries, people longed for this Rescuer to come and make everything good and new again, like it was in the beginning.  Finally, the time was right!  And God sent Him!  His arrival is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Jesus came to rescue us!

Share the painfully beautiful story of God’s love for humanity with your family each December, tracing God’s faithfulness through the centuries.

This book is coming to Kickstarter on December 4, 2017!  Join us and help bring The Advent Storybook to life so that children all over the world can delight in the beauty of Jesus, our Rescuer!

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