Being a Mom

Silly Family

Being a mom
is hearing a sweet voice say, “Mommy, I love you!”
It’s rocking a baby at 3 a.m when you’re too tired to cry.
It’s picking up the house…again…in the futile hope of vacuuming.
It’s dancing through the house, singing songs together.
It’s wondering how you’ll survive another day of constant, overlapping demands.
It’s kissing bumps and bandaging invisible bruises.
It’s looking at a precious face, relaxed in sleep, and thanking God for this blessing.

Being a mom
isn’t easy or simple.
It requires daily choices to meet the needs of another first.
It means sitting down to read a story when the kitchen sink is piled high with dishes.
It means pushing that errand to another day because it’s already nap time.
It means spending your evenings at home so babies get to bed on time.
It means you might not mop or dust more than once a month (maybe less!).
It means realizing that well-loved kids are more important than a spotless home.

Being a mom
is both fulfilling and worthwhile.
It’s full of joy, hope, and laughter.
It’s watching your babies take their first steps; say their first words; and laugh at your tickles.
It’s teaching them to read and write and do math, smiling proudly at their excitement when they understand.
It’s reading books and planning adventures together.
It’s sharing stories about God and the world and His plan to rescue us all.
It’s being amazed at the depth of their insights and the tenderness of their hearts.

Being a mom
is knowing it will take over 20 minutes to actually exit the door.
It’s repeating routines, day after day, and meeting needs even when you’re tired.
It’s feeling little arms wrap around your legs in a spontaneous, tight hug.
It’s walking into a room and watching your baby’s face light up as he reaches for you.
It’s building a tent and playing dentist or doctor.
It’s squeezing every second out of that 26-minute-long Daniel Tiger show to cook or nap.
It’s driving to the grocery store, by yourself, and sighing in relief at the silence and peace.
It’s changing diapers and wiping noses and checking fevers and rocking sick babies.
It’s telling jokes that only your kids think are funny.

Being a mom
is one of my favorite things in the world.
It’s also one of the hardest things in the world.
It’s crying out to Jesus, begging Him for patience, endurance, and wisdom.
It’s watching little personalities bloom and grow.
It’s watching your kids pretend together and joining in the fun.
It’s playing at the park, feeding ducks, and delighting in plants, flowers, and bugs.
It’s heating up lunch and cooking dinner and making smoothies and giving baths and brushing teeth and singing bedtime songs.
It’s going on walks and pointing out every bunny, airplane, and fire hydrant.
It’s hearing your son pray, “Jesus, I’m really glad you’re making everything good and new again.”
It’s hearing your daughter say, “I wan’ be like you, Mommy!”
It’s hearing your baby squeal with excitement as soon as he sees you.

Being a mom
is one of the most beautiful and most challenging callings I possess.
These babies are sent from God.
How I love them.
And how I need His grace to love them well.
Now these three remain: Faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.


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